Camp-X (Camp Exposure) (afternoon)

Camp-X and Soccer Camp are the only two camps that are offered for a half day. Soccer is offered in the morning and

Camp-X is offered in the afternoon. Half-day Camp-X is offered to children who take part in the morning soccer camp

only. This is a special camp where children are exposed to a variety of activities taken from other camps such as art, cool science projects, dance, music, crazy games, and so much more.Children in this camp will also go hiking, biking, have access to the recreation center, and take part in activities

in the outdoor multi-activity area. They will also play camp favorites like Dodge Ball, Mat Ball, and Capture the Flag.


Week #1

June 29 - July 3

Week #3

July 13-17

Week #5

July 27 - 31

Week #7

August 10 - 14

12:00pm - 4:00pm

Ages 5-12 

Prices: Members $85/Non-Members $85


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