ID Checks

To ensure the safety of each child, parents or adults picking up campers must know the child’s ID NUMBER. This number will be given to you on the first day of camp. Your child will not be released if his/her ID number is not known by the parent or adult doing the pickup. If you would like the identity of the individual picking up your child at the end of the day to be checked, please let the counselor and camp EMT/Nurse know each Monday morning that your child attends camp. The EMT/Nurse will be located on the turf field during camp sign-in and in the Senior Early/Late room (or Health office) every Monday morning at 7:00am. A form must be filled out with a list of people who are eligible to pick up your child. Remember to put your own name on this list. Picture IDs of those persons listed along with your child’s camp ID number will be required at pick-up for parents who opt for this plan. The pick-up person will be ID’ed every day, even if it is the same person as the day before. Your child will not be able to leave with this person if ID is not presented.

Counselor In Training Drop Off & Pick Up

CIT's do not have to be signed in or out. They must be dropped off at the start of the program and picked up immediately at the end of the program. CIT's CAN sign younger siblings in and out from their camp when parent has arrived for pick-up. No child (CIT or CAMPER) will be allowed on Gold’s Gym property unsupervised. 


Camp Sign In & Sign Out

All campers must be signed in and out by an adult each day. This applies to all programs.

Camp sign in begins at 8:45am and goes until 9:15am. Parents are required to sign their children in and out of camp. If you are late dropping off, please refer to our 15 & 20-Minute Rule (explained below). Please do not sign children in between 8:25am - 8:45am. Children are being transported from Early/Late to the turf during this time.

IMPORTANT: Camp sign out begins at 3:45pm and goes until 4:15pm. Please note, parents who arrive between 3:30pm and 3:45pm will have to wait until their child has reached their signout destination which is scheduled for 3:45pm. Parents who arrive between 4:15 and 4:35pm will be asked to pick their child up from the Early/Late program at 4:35pm. Picking up between 3:30pm and 3:45pm & 4:15pm and 4:35pm makes is extremely difficult on the counselors during these transition periods. If the need arises for you to pick up your child early from camp, please leave yourself and us plenty of time. We suggest 15 minutes. If you are arriving late for camp, please keep in mind that you must remain with your child to sign them in with a counselor. Again, plan for an extra 15 minutes. Counselors are not permitted to bring your child and meet you at a specific time - please do not ask. 


Health Forms

New York State Department of Health mandates that Health forms be turned in on the first day of camp. Children will not be allowed to attend camp without them. The Health forms are available in the parent information packet handed out the day of registration or at the Reception Desk at Gold’s Gym LaGrange. They can also be printed from the cover page of this website. You may also use a Health form provided by your physician. On the Health form it is important to list contact numbers, immunization records, health history, and all other background information that we should know about your child. Health forms handed in for previous Gold’s Gym Camps will not be accepted. NEW FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED.


Picture Taking and Banding

Camp staff will be taking pictures and videos during each camp week. If you would not like pictures or videos to be taken of your child(ren), please let the counselor know at sign-in each day so that they are banded. It will make it easier on the staff if all campers who are not allowed to have their picture taken are banded. It is the parents responsibility to let the counselor know and sign-off on the NO PICTURE CONSENT FORM each day when signing the child(ren) in.


Medication & Health Concerns

All medications and health concerns should be explained to the EMT/Nurse and the child’s head counselor on the first day of each week your child is registered for camp. The EMT/Nurse will be located on the turf field during camp sign-in. An EMT/Nurse will be located in the Senior Early Arrival/Late Departure room (or Health office) during the early program starting at 7:00am each Monday. Please let the EMT/Nurse know if your child is on or temporarily off medications.

Camp Prescription & Over the Counter Medication Forms

The NYS Health Department recommends that these two forms are filled out by your child’s physician if there is a chance that the child may be taking medication during the camp day. Completed forms must be handed in on the first day of camp with the required health

form. Forms will be provided in the parent information packet handed out the day of registration or at the Reception Desk at Gold’s Gym LaGrange. Located in the parent packet, they can also be printed from the cover page of this website. NOTE: All waiver and permission forms may be combined to one all inclusive form. Note: It is legally mandated that children self administer medications under the supervision of the camp health staff.

Child Disabilities (New State Law Information)

As per amendments made in 2016 to the NYS DOH Children's Camp Code, camps have been advised to "identify camper disability information (developmental and/or physical disabilities) during the camp's enrollment process..." In addition, camps are advised to determine if such children have an "individual treatment, care, or behavioral plan that address a camper's unique physical, medical, behavioral, and/or social needs." Such a plan is not necessary, but if one exists the details should be shared with the camp. There will be a section on the camp Health Form for parents to explain disabilities that we should know about.


Administration Fee

There will be a $10.00 administration fee if you register for camp in person on the day that camp begins. Please try to register a week in advance to allow us to staff programs appropriately.

If a Parent is Late

There wil be a $5.00 fee for every 5 minutes a parent and/or guardian is late for pick-up. Children attending regularly scheduled camp must be picked up no later than 4:15pm. Children attending the Early/Late program are to be picked up no later than 6:00pm.


Parent Visitation

Parents are not allowed to be with or near children during the camp day. This rule is for the safety of the children and for the betterment of the program. The only exceptions are for the planned special events or if given permission by the camp director.


Children with Special Needs

If your child requires a one-on-one aid in school, the parent of that child is required to provide an aid and inform the camp director before registering for camp. If a child has a shared aid in the school environment, the parent should call the camp director and discuss the available options prior to registering for any camp programs.


Sun Safety

Please apply sunscreen to your child each day before arriving to camp (waterproof sunscreen SPF 30 or more is suggested) and put an extra SPRAY bottle of sunscreen of your child's bag.


Rain & Extremely Hot Days

On days of rain or extreme heat, outdoor programs will be moved indoors for the safety of the children. When this happens some camp schedules and offerings will be altered. Camps may be combined, videos shown, and alternative activities offered.


  • Camp Receipts: ​Bring each Monday morning just in case the child is not on the class list.​

  • Health Forms, Waivers and Releases Forms: These are due the first Monday of camp. They only need to be turned in one time for the whole summer.

  • Child's lunch, lunch money, snack and water bottle.

  • Child's Backpack with all belongings labeled with child's name.

  • Clothing for indoor and outdoor use (cold and warm weather conditions)

  • Proper footwear. Sneakers are suggested for safety reasons. No flip flops please.

  • Spray sunscreen (optional). It's mandated that children self apply sunscreen at camp.

  • Insect Repellent (optional). Written permission by a parent is mandated.

PARENTS: Please make sure to label all of your child’s items. We are not responsible for lost items!


Lost & Found

Due to the high volume of children, it is not uncommon for personal belongings to be misplaced or left behind. Please label ALL of your child’s belongings with first and last name. This will make retrieval of items easier for everyone. If by chance the child is missing an item, please check the Camp Lost & Found.


What Your Child Should NOT Bring to Camp

It is highly recommended that camp children do not bring anything of value (i.e. iPods, MP3 players, cell phones, hand-held video games, etc.) These items are very attractive to some children. Gold’s Gym and/or its staff will not be responsible if an item is lost, broken or stolen.



The Camp Cafe is located on-site. Campers will have the option of bringing their own lunch or purchasing from The Camp Cafe Menu. Some camps will eat in the cafe and others will do take-out and eat at another location on-site. More details to come.


Camp Staff will contact parents of a child who behaves inappropriately during camp. If behavior is extreme, parents may be asked to take the child out of camp. No refunds will be granted.



All camp registrations are non-refundable. At the Camp Director’s discretion, credits may be issued under certain circumstances. Credits will be good until the end of camp the following summer.


Class & Camp Changes

There will be a $10.00 administration fee for camp changes. There will be no refunds if you are changing to a less expensive camp program. You will be responsible for any additional costs associated with camp changes. You must contact a Camp Administrator for all camp changes. Changes MUST be approved by Camp Administration.


Lost Records

There will be a $5.00 processing fee to receive copies of Health Forms or Registration Receipts from the camp files. Please give the camp administration advance notice when requesting copies.


Camp Tax ID #: 201689117


Camp Comment Forms

Camp comment forms will be available at sign-in and sign-out tables. We welcome parents to complete one of our forms with any comments, concerns, or suggestions to improve our programs. Comment forms may be turned in to any camp counselor or mailed to: Gold’s Gym LaGrange, 258 Titusville Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603. Attention: Rob Misch.


Tours & Information About our Camp Facility

Tours of the facility may be made by setting up an appointment with Camp Director, Rob Misch. Call or text Rob at 845-926-7829 to make arrangements. Tours will be held on Mondays and scheduled between 4-8PM by appointment only.


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