Campers will get to experience playing paintball on our outdoor course and our indoor course. When playing outside, participants will use ammunition with paint, and when playing inside, participants will use ammunition without paint. Campers in this camp will participate in team play, shooting competitions, and a variety of other paintball activities and challenges. Campers will learn strategy of paintball play, safety, and how to take care of the equipment. Equipment will be supplied by the camp, but participants are recommended to wear thick long sleeve clothing to help prevent the sting of being hit. Participants in this camp will always play under strict safety guidelines. Trained staff will closely supervise paintball activities at all times. During this week, campers will also participate in classic camp activities, use the recreation center, eat lunch in the Net Cafe, and participate in games in the outdoor multi-activity area. 



Week #6

August 3 - 7

9:00am - 4:00pm

Ages 10-14 

Prices: Members $220/Non-Members $230

Paintball Camp

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