The Wingman Program

                       What is the Wingman Program?

                             It is a summer long cycle of experiential activities that is CIT led and delivered                                to the camp. The curriculum is tailored to meet the climate needs of each of our                              individual camp programs. CITs will be trained to be wingmen as part of their                                  overall CIT program. 

Wingman for Camps counters the root causes of rejection, exclusion, and isolation with increased empathy and compassion. CITs are empowered to take the lead in their camps climate.

"You're trying to create a community that cares about the person next to them, regardless of age, race or beliefs... where kids are really looking out for each other." - Joel Pardalis, New Fairfield Middle School

The Wingman Program is currently implemented in many schools and is growing each year.

Wingman is a non-profit youth leadership program from Dylan's Wings of Change, a foundation dedication to the memory of Dylan Hockley, who was killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012.

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